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9th November 2013


Okay, I realize I have been very bad about writing on my blog but I promise you, I have been quite busy and putting my sewing machine to hard work!

My teenage daughter wanted to Rapunzel for Halloween but was having difficulty finding a costume that she liked. She found one, but it was in the UK and the shipping a bit cost prohibitive plus we weren’t sure how long it would take to arrive with International shipping. Everything else she was finding was more along the lines of sexy Rapunzel and she really didn’t want that. Unbelievably, she asked me if I would make her a costume. Keep in mind, I’m not fond of sewing clothing, but I do have a difficult time saying no to my daughter. After all, this is her senior year and I want it to be a memorable one. She wouldn’t just be wearing this costume for Halloween, but as a member of the school marching band, each year, one home football game is designated as “Boo Bowl” and the entire band, all 800+ members, wear costumes. The wear them the entire game, even performing at halftime in costume.

So, off to the fabric store we went where we quickly discovered that there were no adult Rapunzel patterns. What did we do? Improvised of course! I purchased the child’s Rapunzel costume and then an adult costume pattern that was similar and combined the two together. Remember, I really don’t enjoy making clothes and this Rapunzel dress had everything that I don’t enjoy: gathers, ribbon, embedded lace, puffy sleeves, mesh fabric sleeves and even a zipper!

I pulled out my fairly new Janome sewing machine that I’d only used a couple of times since I purchased it and got to work. I do believe I used almost every accessory foot that came with the machine, and discovered a couple more I could use if I were ever going to do this again! By the time I had purchased the patterns, I had less than 2 weeks to make this costume a reality, so I got busy and sewed every afternoon when I got off work. Of course my daughter was at school, work or band practice, so she was rarely home to try on the costume as it progressed. Considering she is extremely particular and had a vision in her mind of EXACTLY how she wanted the dress to look, there were times I either had to wait for her to get home to approve before moving forward, or times that I went ahead and then had to use the seam ripper to try again.

In the end she loved the finished product and I was pretty darned impressed with myself! She like it so much in fact, she volunteered to work at her job on Halloween night because she got to where the dress while she car hopped. It was great! And here it is, in all it’s glory. I think she made a beautiful Rapunzel if I do say so myself.


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12th October 2013


My daughter has been busily writing her scholarship essay. She has received a nice large scholarship that pays 90% of the difference between the out-of-state and the in-state resident tuition and that is a huge help. We are now focused on finding scholarships to cover whatever else we can of the remaining fees.

She wrote her initial draft a few weeks ago and had her English teach review it. Since then she has been working on a final draft. Thankfully, her most recent English assignment was to write an essay for either a college application or scholarship, so she was killing two birds with one stone so to speak. She turned in her final copy yesterday and she wants to wait for it to be graded before submitting it to the university scholarship committee. I don’t know if I want to wait. Some of those scholarships are first come first serve. I guess it just depends on how long it takes for her teacher to grade it. I told my daughter I would give her 1 week.

In the mean time, we leave tomorrow for the “Preview Event” at the University of Arkansas. We are very much looking forward to it and even more so, hoping it helps our daughter to make her final decision.

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28th September 2013

College Decision

This is such an exciting time! My daughter has been accepted at the college of her choice and now we are into the decision making process about which dorm to live in, what meal plan to pay for, etc. She also just received an invitation in yesterday’s mail to come up for a visit to meet the faculty and current students in the degree program she is interested in. We visited the campus back in March, but she has really been wanting to go back, so this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I just booked out hotel room and, if she can get the day off from work, looks like we will be able to go to their “Preview Event”. She can get up to 2 days of excused absences from school for college visits, so that will come in handy too. I know she is all ready looking forward to this!

Now, I really need to get back to searching for scholarships!

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21st September 2013

180 Days of Photos

Looks like I’ve been negligent here! Time is flying by and I have been so busy since August 26, my daughter’s Last First Day of high school!

I’ve decided to do something different and document my daughter’s Senior year in photos, I’m calling it the 180 Days of Senior Year. I capture a photo each week day, upload it on the computer, and add it to a photo book of the same name. I will add notations as I go and the front cover will be her graduation photo. She has even gotten into the spirit of it and has texted me a couple of “selfies” on days I’ve forgotten to grab the camera before she leaves the house.

Now, the photos don’t necessarily have to be of her, they can be of something she is doing, something or someone that is important to her or even an event. For example, so far, each Friday’s picture tends to be something to do with the football game. She is in the marching band, so I try to get something either of the band, her in her uniform, or, I even took a shot of her instrument. She won’t be playing in the band in college, so these are great memories for her.

I do have to have the book completed prior to her graduation party, whenever that is. I want to have it on display.

In addition to that project, I have pulled out the scrap books I started when she was in Kindergarten (of course, they’re not finished!), and am going to make a valiant effort to complete at least a couple of them. 1st of all, I am taking each 8×10 class photo and simply putting them in order in one book. Then I will be working on a little bit more detailed book, but still keeping it somewhat simple. This time I have a deadline, so need to make sure I get it done!

On top of documenting her Senior year, I have been keeping on top of her college application process along with those deadlines. She has all ready been accepted into her school of choice and is now working on the scholarship application for that school. The two of us will also be looking for scholarship awards outside of that college to make up the difference. If you’ve ever done this, you know how time consuming it can be!

I haven’t been sewing, I’m photo journaling instead, for now. :)

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15th July 2013

Crazy Temperatures

It’s July. It’s Dallas. It’s 77 degrees outside. WHAT?!

That’s right, if it weren’t so humid outside it would actually be lovely and fallish. I can’t believe we didn’t even break the 80 degree mark today and it’s the middle of July, what the heck is going on?

We are getting very light rain off and on, and it’s supposed to continue this way for the next couple of days. I don’t mind, I have no plans, but I would enjoy it a little more if it weren’t so humid. My daughter is visiting friends up in Chicago and they are having beautiful weather there, so I know she isn’t minding it one bit!

How’s your weather?

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