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Holiday Shopping

30th November 2007

Holiday Shopping

My mother-in law is coming to visit for Christmas. This means we don’t just buy her a single gift, but we also purchase a few smaller gifts for under the tree and of course, to fill her stocking. I always hated spending Christmas someplace other than home and I would open one gift while the family members opened many packages each. It sort of makes you feel left out and I don’t want her to feel that way.

Since her accident a few months ago, she doesn’t get outdoors as much as she used to, but when she does I want to make sure she has a good pair of sunglasses. She lives in California and when she’s feeling well she tends to go out walking a lot. I hate it when she wears those humongous, oversized, square looking sunglasses. I do not know where older people find those things, but they’re hideous! I think a pair of [tag]Ray Ban sunglasses[/tag] would not only look better, but would provide the UV protection that she needs. While I’m looking at Ray Ban, I might find myself a nice pair of [tag]D&G designer sunglasses[/tag] to drop into my own stocking for Christmas!

What about you, do you have visitors staying with you for Christmas? Will you be buying them gifts?

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30th November 2007

Toy’s For Tots

Working in the schools the last few years have made me very aware of the disparity between those who have and those who have not. It’s at this time of year when that becomes even more apparent. Something we’ve always made an effort to support at this time of year is [tag]Toys for Tots[/tag] sponsored by the U.S. Marine Corps. We always donate a bag full of Barbie’s and board games to this wonderful organization.

I was very please to read a post today by Elizabeth about another way we can support Toys For Tots, through shopping. I hope you’ll head over to her site to learn more about it.

This is not a sponsored post, I just want to remind my readers to support Toys For Tots this season.

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30th November 2007

Holiday Weight Gain

Every year between Halloween and New Years, I have a tendency to gain weight. There are just so many treats that I love, my resistance is futile I feel! It starts with Halloween. All those little chocolate bars just kill me. I don’t feel guilty because they are so small. Let’s just not count how many of them I eat okay?

Following Halloween, the stress of the upcoming holidays begins to build. Stress makes me want to eat. Eating makes me gain weight because, of course, I’m not eating healthy foods, I’m eating all the junk. I need a [tag]Holiday Survival Guide[/tag] customized just for me to get through it! I don’t even bother with making New Year’s resolutions because it would always be the same, lose weight. This year I’m making a holiday resolution to watch what I eat. I didn’t too bad with Halloween this year, but Thanksgiving was another story. I just can’t resist that pumpkin pie and found myself eating it for breakfast a couple of times. The last of the pie is now gone, so hopefully I can get back on track. Unfortunately I know that Christmas always brings boxes of chocolates so I’m going to have to figure out a way to resist those or I will be in trouble.

I am really looking forward to Christmas, now if I can just reduce the stress and control my eating and my [tag]weight gain[/tag]!

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30th November 2007

Home Ownership

When we relocated back in April we thought we had found the home of our dreams.  It’s a fantastic layout on a pretty piece of property and it has most of the features we were looking for in a house.  Unfortunately, after moving in, we discovered how beat up the house was.  The previous owners had mistreated it badly.  I tell people that it’s as if they played hockey indoors, literally!  I’ve found actual puck marks on the walls.  The girls were allowed to play with nail polish and I’ve found red and pink nail polish on the carpets, doors, walls, and trim work.  The walls are filled with giant nail holes and dings and dents.  The house is just 6 years old, it shouldn’t be in this condition.

One of the first problems we discovered is the bathtub/shower in my daughter’s bathroom only gets steaming hot water, no cold.  I finally had the plumber come out today.  He removed the face plate where the water turn on valve handle is located to get to the mixer valve.  The mixer valve is what allows the hot & cold water to combine and then come out the faucet.  What he found was a broken mixer valve and a really bad repair job.  Yes, the previous home owners had made an attempt to repair the problem and had actually made it worse.  So, now the plumber will have to remove tiles from the wall in order to put in a new mixer valve, total cost – $300-400 (including labor). 

Funny thing is, the plumber noticed and commented on all the holes in the walls.  I explained that yes, I am having to go through  the entire house patching and painting as I go.  I know that one day I will have all the repairs done, but in the mean time it is just so hard to make this house feel like home.   Well, at least he’ll be back next week to do the actual bathroom repair and that will be one big item I can check off the list.

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29th November 2007

Quality Teachers

My daughter’s math teacher works very hard with her students. She spends her lunch hours tutoring as well as after school with students that she feels lack an understanding of the principles she is teaching. I admire her for putting in that much effort to make sure her students comprehend what she is teaching.

Other students in other schools may not be so lucky. Parents of those students need to hire Math Tutors for their children to keep them from falling behind. Math is one of those subjects that if you do fall behind, you can become quite frustrated and it’s like a snow ball, the problem just keeps getting bigger and bigger unless you get help.

I feel fortunate that my daughter not only understands the math being taught, but also that if she does have a question, her teacher has made herself available to answer it.

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