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Breast Cancer

30th January 2008

Breast Cancer

I was reading blogs this afternoon when I ran across one in particular that I ready fairly regularly. I was heart broken to find out that its author has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, for the third time.

A very close friend of mine has experienced this same unfortunate occurrence. She first discovered her breast cancer 6 years ago. She went through chemo and radiation treatments. She followed all the doctor recommended courses of treatment. She even had a mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgery to receive silicone breast implants by a plastic surgeon. Finally, she was deemed cancer free after 5 years. Then, in her sixth year, the cancer returned. It was bigger and badder than ever and she has been fighting ever since. Thankfully, she is winning, not the cancer.

I want to ask my readers to please scroll down my right side bar to the pink and white breast cancer button. Clicking on this button helps to fund free mammograms to those who cannot afford them. Mammograms allow for early detection and early detection allows women to defeat this disease. So please, click.

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30th January 2008

Dresser Redo

I posted yesterday about the dresser I had bought for my daughter and repainted it. I am so thrilled about it, partly because it cost me a total of $62 (including tax), but also because when my husband put it inside my daughter’s closet last night, she thought it was so cool! She completely cleaned up all the clothes that were on her closet floor and sorted through everything as she placed it into the new drawers. She even went so far as to label the drawers!

Unable to be seen in this picture is the inside of her closet to the left and right of the dresser. Both sides are full of clothes hanging on the one single rod. Now I can see what we need to do. I want to put double rods down one side of the dresser for all of her hanging clothes and then shelve it down the other side for her sweatshirts and some of her many stuffed animals. It’s so nice to see it coming together and getting organized.

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30th January 2008

Losing Weight

I did not make losing weight a New Year’s resolution, but I did make it a goal to start living healthier, eating better and, as an end result, hopefully shed a few pounds. I am pleased to say, that as we near the end of the first month of 2008, I am sticking to my plan and getting closer to reaching my goal

I am definitely eating better, taking in few calories and making better choices about what I eat. I am also living healthier by insuring that I get off the couch (or computer chair) and get some sort of exercise into my days routine. Two things I’ve incorporated have been walking on the treadmill (I did 30 minutes this morning) and doing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with my daughter in the evenings, usually for an hour.   I have to tell you, that DDR really burns up the calories!

As a result of my efforts, I’m pleased to say I won’t have to plan a visit to lap-band Houston‘s Dr. Collier who’s been performing laparoscopic surgery for over 17 years.  Although, I might consider sending my husband to visit him because he also performs laparo-scopic procedures for reflux disease.  My husband could certainly use some help in that arena!

So, now that we’re entering the second month of the new year, I feel confident that I can keep up my efforts.  By the way, I’ve lost 3 pounds!

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30th January 2008

Sewing Class

I had a rather busy day yesterday, but it was fun and I was quite productive!

I attended my very first sewing class yesterday and the project was a bag made out of strips of fabric.  These strips of fabric are cut and layered on top of each other and then rolled up into what’s called a jelly roll.  If you scroll down a few posts you can see a picture of my jelly roll of fabric in my Blogger Craft Club post.

I was able to complete almost the entire bag.  I have to put the second handle on the bag and then attach the decorative buttons.  Once I’m done, I’ll take a picture and post it.  It’s really cool and I bought some additional fabric while I was at the quilt store so that I can make a second bag.

Stay tuned for pictures of the completed project! :-D

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