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Reading Magnetic Signs

29th August 2008

Reading Magnetic Signs

Do you ever find yourself reading the magnetic signs people have on their vehicles? I do, it sorts of provides my entertainment as I’m driving down the road, especially on longer trips. When we drove out to Tennessee last month I was wishing I had placed Magnetic signs on my van for everyone to see and maybe drum up some traffic to my site and some purchases.

Have you ever called a business after reading their magnetic sign? I’ve done it a few times, most recently to order pizza while we were in the car. My daughter just picked up my cell phone and plugged in the number so that I could order the pizza on our way and then we didn’t have to wait to long. I’ve also contacted carpet cleaners and landscape services after seeing them in the neighborhood and reading their magnetic signs. What about visiting the website that you’ve read from a magnetic sign, I’ve done that a lot.

I know that many of us crafting bloggers are trying hard to make a niche for not only our blogs, but our businesses as well. What better way to let people around where you live know about your business then with a car magnet? Right now you can even receive 25% off Car Door Magnets by using coupon code CarDoor25 at and there are 2 sizes to choose from and over 100 designs to choose from.  If you like, you can even create your own design.  Personally, I’m looking for any way to increase my sales and make my craft work for me.

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29th August 2008

Testing Is Complete

Well, at least for now, all of my health testing is complete.  I had my well woman exam on Monday, blood test on Tuesday, mammogram and bone density test today.  I’m done.  At least for now.

My blood test came back showing high total cholesterol, an in “High Risk”, and my LDL, which is the bad cholesterol, is “High”.  I’m a fairly healthy eater, so the thing that occurs to me is that, now that I’m no longer working outside the home, I’m sitting on the computer too much and my cholesterol levels are going up.

So, I’ve concluded I need more activity, at least 30 minutes per day.  I love our new Wii Fit and I’m going to make every attempt to use it daily and burn some calories.  Once it starts getting less humid and a little cooler around here, I might even go back to my morning walks.  I am supposed to have it checked again in 1 month, so I need to get down to business and get off of this computer.


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29th August 2008


We love playing games in our family and we do everything from the typical board game to electronic games. We were recently introduced to a new DVD game called Banzai and it’s hysterical. Here’s a screenshot of my Tako-gatchi.

Screenlife games recently introduced Banzai which is a great family game or a great game for a party. Everything you need to play comes in the box. The goal is to win all the sushi, whoever has the most sushi at the end of the game is the winner. Don’t worry, it’s not played with real sushi so you don’t have to get all grossed out!

Each player starts with 25 sushi which are color coded to match your sushi bowl, and a pair of chopsticks. The Shogun (person in charge of the DVD remote) starts the DVD which will show a stunt of some kind. The players then have 15 seconds to use their chopsticks and race to place sushi into the betting bowl. Betting ends at the sound of the gong. If you guess the outcome of the stunt correctly, you then when all the sushi in the betting bowl. Pretty simple, if you’re good with chopsticks! The game continues until one player has all the sushi and presses the “winner” button on the DVD remote. In a nutshell, here’s how it works. First, you watch a stunt. Second, you bet on how the outcome of the stunt. Finally, you win sushi.

This is a fast paced, hilariously fun game for the entire family. The game is available for purchase and download online and it even has its own My Space page.

Take a look at this video for more insight into how this game is played.

ScreenLife Games is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:
Sponsored by Screenlife Games

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29th August 2008

Four Foods On Friday

We’ve made it, we’ve made it through the first week of junior high! I feel that is definitely a reason to celebrate and it certainly makes me even more thankful that today is Friday! Friday also means it’s time for my favorite meme, and, if you’d like to participate, head on over to Fun, Crafts and Recipes to leave Valmg a comment and let her know you’re in!

This weeks questions and my answers:

#1. Potato Chips. What kind of chips are your favorite? I don’t really have a favorite, I love them all! I can eat an entire bag of chips in one sitting, so I try not to buy them. They don’t last too long in this house!

#2. What’s your favorite thing to dip chips in? It they’re tortilla chips, I love a good salsa. Most other chips I love to dip in ranch type dips. Don’t even get me thinking about that spinach and artichoke dip, it’s heavenly!

#3. What’s your favorite way to eat a baked potato? I like my baked potatoes loaded. Yep, I have to have butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, and chives. Am I missing anything?

#4. How do you make mashed potatoes? I peel the potatoes, quarter them and put them in a pan of water. I bring the water to a boil and cook until the potatoes are soft. After draining them, I use the beaters on the mixer while it’s turned off to sort of mash them into smaller pieces. I then add milk and butter, turn the mixer on and mix. I add more milk and to get the right consistency and some salt for taste.

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