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We Are Addicted to Wii

29th December 2008

We Are Addicted to Wii

We have owned our Wii since early summer and have had only a few games during the time we’ve owned it.  I added the Wii Fit soon afterwards and we’ve enjoyed using that (although, I should use it much more frequently than I do) as well.  Between the 3 of us, we received 4 new games for Christmas and we’ve literally spent the last several days playing Wii games.

If you’re looking to get up off the couch and get your blood pumping, I highly recommend Outdoor Adventure.  Up to 2 can play at the same time or compete and it’s really a decent workout, even if you only do it for 5 or 10 minutes a day, it’s worth it.  The kids will love it and it works with a mat similar to a DDR mat instead of a board like Wii Fit, so there’s less chance of falling off!

My husband gave me Hell’s Kitchen which I’ve been having fun with.  I have to say, I could never put up with Gordon Ramsey yelling at me on a regular basis and so I don’t play the game for too long in one stretch!  My daughter is much better at the game than I am, so she doesn’t get yelled at like I do.  :-D

If you have kids that like to play kitchen then I have to recommend Order UP.  I had done a paid post on this game several months ago and wound up purchasing it for my daughter.  She absolutely loves it and is cooking her way on up the restaurant chain.

My daughter also received Animal Crossing – City Folk.  This game has been a bit disappointing so far.  First of all, only one person can play at a time and even then, the game progresses so slowly.  My daughter and I have each spent several hours moving our characters through the jobs and tasks, and yet we’re just getting started.  We can’t play at the same time, so we end up switching back and forth every hour or so.

In the end, we keep coming back to our favorite game, Mario Kart.  We’ve had this game from the beginning and can all 3 play at the same time.  Last night, we FINALLY figured out how to do tricks and pop wheelies and it has added a whole new dimension to our racing.  My husband likes going onto the WiFi channel and racing people from around the globe.  We’re anxiously awaiting my step-daughter and her husband getting their wireless internet connection fixed so that we can race against them via the WiFi connection.

So, my sewing projects have screeched to a halt while we feed our video game addiction, please excuse me!

By the way, this is NOT a paid post, just a summary of what we’re up to in our house!  :-D

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29th December 2008

New Years Eve Package in Branson

Spinning from one holiday to the next, here we are, just days away from New Years Eve! Do you have plans? I’ve sort of been thinking about this all day and can’t decide what we should do. Last year we went out for a nice dinner and it wasn’t that good. I definitely don’t want to repeat that experience.

I was sort of thinking it would be fun to drive up to Branson, Missouri, the entertainment capital of the midwest. There are a couple of hotels I’ve been checking into including the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel located in the heart of historic downtown Branson.


Branson has a lot to offer including entertainment, shopping and dining. Just across the street from the convention center is the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing which I think is my first choice although, they don’t allow pets, so I may go with our 2nd choice, the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel. Both hotels are offering a New Years Eve package that includes deluxe accommodations, party favors, a four course dinner for two, $50 gift card and Bloody Mary*(I’m always game for a good Bloody Mary!) breakfast buffet for two.In the day time we can do some shopping or take in a show or two.  No matter what, I think I’ll have to take advantage of the on site spa and, in the evening, just relax with a nice glass of wine while enjoying the views of the Ozarks.

What will you be doing to bring in the New Year?


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28th December 2008

Warm and Fuzzy for Valentine’s Day

I was looking through some of the projects I completed this year and I ran across this cozy and warm fleece blanket.  It reminded me that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching!

This is a small cuddle blanket for a little one.  The edges of the fleece have been serged to prevent tearing or fraying and the cute embroidered heart lace was stitched on to form a nice secure edge.

If interested, this blanket is on sale for $15 + shipping.  You can leave me a comment and we can then work out the details.

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27th December 2008

Give Back with Heroes at Home

I don’t know about you, but even in these trying economic times I feel blessed. I have a nice home and a loving family that I get to see every single day. While we have had to cut back on our spending, we’re still able to do special things together like occasional dinners out, movies and some shopping. The holidays have come and gone and yet, there are many out there who deserve our support.

Military service members, veterans and their families give of themselves on a daily basis so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have. They live and work around the globe and receive little for their efforts. It’s time for the rest of us to step up and give back with the Sears Heroes at Home program. Our monetary donations are turned into Sears gift cards and distributed to those military personnel and families who have registered with the program. Although these donations are not tax deductible, they are well worth it to know that we can help these deserving families will have their wishes granted.


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26th December 2008

Four Foods on Friday #61

Oh my! With yesterday being Christmas and my husband having been home all week, I’ve completely lost track of what day of the week it is! We just got home from making a couple of returns and having a nice lunch when I realized it’s Friday! So, without further ado, here is my favorite meme, Four Foods on Friday. If you’d like to participate, head on over and give a shout out to Valmg at Fun, Crafts and Recipes.

#1. Do you prefer cooking with electric or gas? I prefer gas, I’m just so used to it. I now tend to burn things when I cook on electric. With gas, when you turn the burner off, it’s off. With electric, the burner is still hot even after it’s turned off.

#2. How many times a month do you order out? To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. Although I do know we’ve cut way back and probably order out 3-4 times a month now.

#3. How do you like your ice – cubed or crushed? At home I like cubed, but when I’m out, I tend to like crushed, especially from Sonic!

#4. Share a Christmas recipe Well, I just made this yesterday, so I’ll share. I used to always buy the can of jellied cranberry sauce to serve with our dinner, but I recently learned to make it from fresh cranberries and it tastes the same.

1 bag of fresh cranberries, 1 c. water and 1 c. sugar. Rinse cranberries and remove any stems or bruised fruit. Heat water and sugar to boiling, add cranberries. Boil for 10 minutes. Cool to room temperature and then refrigerate until ready to serve.

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