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Wordless Wednesday – Quilted Wall Hanging

29th June 2011

Wordless Wednesday – Quilted Wall Hanging

turtle wall hanging Dec 09 002

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27th June 2011

Worn Out

Once again, we spent the weekend out at the softball fields. We watched some really great games and my daughter played some of the best ball she’s ever played! It’s amazing to watch her play now that she’s playing on a team where the coach doesn’t intimidate and threaten, rather promotes a positive attitude and confidence.

Anyway, after putting forth %110 effort over the weekend, this is what happened not too long after arriving back home yesterday afternoon!



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26th June 2011

Monte Carlo

This post brought to you by Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Whenever I think of Monte Carlo, I think Bond, James Bond.

Now there is a new movie,  Monte Carlo, that will be in theaters Friday, July 1.  What I all ready like about this movie is that is looks like a movie I can take my teenage daughter to and we can enjoy it together.  She is in the 3rd week of her summer vacation and with her being 15, it can be difficult to entice her to do something with dear old mom instead of her friends!

The main character of the movie is Grace, played by Selena Gomez (from Disney’s Waverly Place), is a typical girl who suddenly becomes an heiress.  She, along with her best friend and step-sister, travel to Monte Carlo on a summer trip and end up discovering themselves. Selena Gomez is a popular teenage actress who also sings on the movie’s soundtrack.  I know my daughter has seen her Disney show and would enjoy seeing the movie as well.  The biggest reason I would enjoy seeing this movie with my daughter is that we both plan to go to France together in a few years.  In the mean time, take a look at the movie trailer.


Movie tickets can be purchased in advance from Fandango beginning June 29 and be sure to “Like” the movie’s Facebook page! 

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20th June 2011

It’s So HOT!

And this time, I DO mean the temperature!

We’ve had triple digit temperatures for almost the last full week. It made it that much harder to sit and watch my daughter play softball on Saturday, especially in the late afternoon when it hit 105. We stayed hydrated and did everything we could to stay in the shade, but just the act of standing up to get out of my chair made me sweat!

I really felt bad for the girls, no shade out on the field, but they seem to all be fine. Amazingly, I don’t think any one even got sunburned thanks to massive amounts of sunscreen.

Now I have 5 days to stay inside in the air conditioning, except Wednesday night’s softball league games, but it’s supposed to be cooling into the upper 90′s by then so maybe it won’t be so bad! :-)

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16th June 2011

Hang Around with Zippies!

We spent last night out in the Texas heat at a couple of softball games. My daughter is playing in a summer league in addition to her select travel team so she can get more dirt time. We will be spending this weekend at a select softball tournament and I keep praying that the temperatures will cool off, but no, it’s supposed to be in the 100′s all weekend.

Whenever we head out to the softball fields we tend to pack a lot of gear, and the hotter it is, the more gear we pack! Of course, my daughter’s bat bags and water jugs look just like every other players bat bags and water jugs. Imagine how happy I was when I was asked by Parent Reviewers to use & review a wonderfully cute and practicial product, Zippies, the pals that hang around to help kids (and moms) identify their personal belongings. There are so many every day uses for these adorable little tags. This is Kayla, the one I hung on my daughter’s water jug.


I received 5 different Zippies to enjoy and put to use. They are so easy to use and very cute little animal characters, a total of 10 different characters are available. Some of their little smiles look more like menacing frowns, but somehow they still look cute and kids really like them.

Zippies: Pals That Hang Around can be labeled with your child’s name and easily clipped on any variety of you child’s personal belongings: water jugs, back packs, pencil cases, lunch boxes are just a few of the items I can think of. I enjoyed watching the following video for more ideas, including using these cute little tags on drink bottles at a birthday party, helping the party guests be able to identify which drink is theirs.

Visit Zippies to purchase your own cute little Pals That hang Around. Purchase individual tags or get great deals on packages of 5 or even the entire set of 10. Shipping is Free, so it’s an even better deal!

Note: I received 5 Zippes to use in return for giving my own honest opinion in this review. No other compensation was received.

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