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Not So Wordless Wednesday – Blue

31st August 2011

Not So Wordless Wednesday – Blue

blue tree

I was driving into old historic downtown McKinney, Texas this morning  on my way to a quilt shop when I saw this.

Yes, it is what used to be a tree, and for some reason, the residents of the property decided to paint it blue!  This was really quite an odd site, but hey, whatever makes them happy!

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30th August 2011

Back It Up

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you’ve ever had a computer crash, you know what I mean when I say BACK IT UP!

Last year my laptop became infected with a serious virus causing the entire operating system to crash.  I wound up having to pay a computer person to get it back up and running, then had to pay even more for him to restore all my documents and photos.  Soon after, the same thing happened to my desktop, and yes, both were infected even though I was running anti-virus software.  The desktop was even worse because my daughter had all her music loaded on there and it wasn’t able to be recovered.  She was so not happy with me!

I’ve recently learned that for only $59 a year, I could have running Carbonite in the background.  Carbonite is a  computer backup program that automatically backs up the files on a PC or even a Mac and stores all the information in one of their secure data centers.  The programs runs continuously in the background, so everything is automatic, no need to press any buttons, or remember to load any disks.  It also provides unlimited data back up so even all those music files of my daughter’s would’ve been stored for safe keeping.  I just wish I’d known about the program back then.

Carbonite has been in existence since 2005 (can’t believe I didn’t know about it).  While it doesn’t back up software programs, it will back up all your saved documents, photos, music and even email.  Whenever you like, you can even access your backed up files from your computer, smartphone, or even your iPad, yes, there is an app for that!

The Carbonite online backup program can be tried out for free for 15 days, plus, use the code BLOGAD to get 2 free months with purchase.

Carbonite Online Backup

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25th August 2011

Back to School

Monday was the 1st day of school.  I’m a bit delayed in getting this post up, but I’m happy to say, I actually remembered to take the 1st day of school photo (I forgot last year!) in all the excitement.

I rarely post photos of my daughter, but she was so excited to start the school year, she looked absolutely beautiful in my opinion and I wanted to share.

1st day 2011 002

I hope all of our kids have a wonderful and successful school year!

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23rd August 2011

Ranking Online Colleges

I may have mentioned that my daughter (a sophomore) and I visited with the high school college adviser recently. I know it seems early since we are still 3 years away from her high school graduation, but let me tell you, the competition to get into good colleges is really tough. It’s important to start narrowing down the search for where she may want to go to school so she can really focus on those particular schools and their entrance requirements. He gave us a lot of really good information and even mentioned the possibility of an online college education with one of many top online colleges.

Several years ago I had personally looked into finishing my degree online, but at the time, I just wasn’t sure it was a valid, acceptable way to go. Things have certainly changed. In fact, there are so many more brick & mortar colleges and universities offering an online education now, that it can definitely add to the number of colleges to be considered. It can also make it that much more confusing to choose, so it’s nice to find a site that actually as compiled in depth research of online college rankings to help narrow down that search as well. The rankings can be looked at according to different categories, things like acceptance rates, retention rates, scholarships and even student to faculty rations at the various online colleges<.

Seriously, while I’m researching colleges for my daughter, who knows, maybe I will finally find a way to finish my own degree!

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20th August 2011

Allen Band on Fox News!

I’m so excited, our very own Allen marching band made the news today on Fox for their 10 mile march-a-thon! You can see my previous post for more information on that, or just watch this video!

Band Marches in Heat for Fundraiser:

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