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Homecoming 2011

30th September 2011

Homecoming 2011

Here in Texas, everything is big, including the annual tradition of the Homecoming mum. This photo is of the mum my daughter received today from her boyfriend and I would put it in the medium size category. It is fun and very festive and my daughter loves it! These are worn around the next all day during school and then to the football game. My daughter is in the marching band, so she will have this on while she’s playing her horn too.

homecoming mum4 2011

Don’t worry, the guys aren’t left out, the receive a garter. I would also put the garter she gave him into the medium size category and he too loves it!


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28th September 2011

Life Dreams

This post brought to you by UPromise. All opinions are 100% mine.

Last week, my daughter and husband attended College & Career night at the high school she attends.  It was unbelievable how many colleges were represented, over 175!  A month prior to that, my daughter & I had a meeting with a college & career counselor at the high school and my first quest was “how do we even begin to narrow down the college search when there are thousands of colleges to choose from?”

Well, amazingly, my daughter seems armed with just enough information to start narrowing down her search, and she has learned how important it is to focus on her dream of what she wants to do with her life.  It can all be so overwhelming, and even more so as a parent who has to figure out how to pay for college!

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I’ve been a member of Upromise almost since its inception and they are now celebrating their 10th year anniversary!  The are celebrating by hosting a sweepstakes for its members.  Visit to submit the dream of your child’s future.  Visit the same link,, to vote on your favorite submitted stories.  Upromise will be awarding $1,000 to 10 winners and $10,000 to the Grand Prize winner!

So visit the Dream wall to submit the dreams of someone you know and read the dream wall official rules.

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27th September 2011

Looking For Inspiration

I am feeling a bit stagnant lately and think I need to find some inspiration to get my creative juices flowing again!

We had house guests over the summer and my sewing room was reset in a way to accommodate people sleeping in it rather than sewing in it. In other words, it was converted into a guest room. Since then, my daughter has decided that she enjoys using it as a “sleepover” room whenever she has a friend spend the night because it has 2 twin beds in it. The problem is, when the beds are all set up, it doesn’t leave me much room for sewing and no room for a cutting table. Plus, I feel obligated to keep it neat & clean (i.e., none of my fabric stash spread out, no sewing machine sitting out, no scissors & thread choices, etc) for whenever anyone wants to sleep in there. Having all of my fabrics put away in closed cabinets means that I can’t see them for inspiration. No sewing machine ready to go at a whim makes me feel like I have to get everything set up before I can begin creating, that can feel like too much work and stops me in my tracks.

I do think that I need to put the beds back the way they were and reset my room for sewing, that would be a start. Who knows, maybe when the quilt kit I ordered online gets here (maybe it will be delivered today!), I will find reason to put my foot to the pedal and SEW!! :-D

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26th September 2011

Perfectly Crazy

Thanks to Parent Reviewers, I was given the chance to read and give my personal opinions of the book Perfectly Crazy written by Mitzi Penzes. Other than the book itself, I received no other compensation and these are my opinions, in my own words.


When I first began reading the Perfectly Crazy, I was drawn in by the fact that the main character, Nell, was a strong, beautiful and independent woman. The very first sentence of the book says, “Nell was a looker, and she knew it, too.” Besides being beautiful, she was happily married to a very successful surgeon, the mother of 2 children and a successful business owner. And yet, with all of her success she was drawn to another man, someone she had met in college and been friends with ever since.

From there, the story becomes somewhat predictable, she falls in love with her male friend, but is determined to remain faithful to her husband. Then, almost too conveniently, her husband is diagnosed with a fatal illness. He doesn’t even tell Nell about it, instead, he flies his private plane into the ground and kills himself. Gee, that frees Nell to move on with her new man David, she only had to wait a few weeks for the insurance adjusters to decide her husband’s death had been an accident. Personally, I found this all to be a bit over done and made Nell’s life way too easy.

As soon as the insurance paid off, Nell basically moves in with her new beau leaving her high school aged daughter basically living on her own. Hmmm, something else that didn’t sit well with me. Oh, did I mention that her daughter & step-son, along with all their friends were so happy that she’d found the love of her life just weeks after her husband’s death? Really? No body questions them? Oh, by the way, her lover David had also been married and his wife was expecting a baby when he informed her he was leaving her. WOW! That spells loser to me! But then again, maybe they deserve each other.

Well, it’s just a fictional novel and, while I wouldn’t recommend it for serious reading, it’s a good book to take to the beach!

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25th September 2011


This post brought to you by Boy Scouts of America. All opinions are 100% mine.

Were you ever in scouts as a kid?  I was a Camp Fire Girl (do they still exist?) and my husband was in the Boy Scouts of America  for many years.  He’s always telling my daughter & I stories of his scouting days, in fact, just the other evening we took her & her boyfriend to dinner and my husband and the boyfriend spent the entire time discussing scouting and all the fun they have.  Yes, her boyfriend, a Junior in high school, is still into scouting, and loves it.

Scouting teaches so many positive things and creates so many lasting memories and friendships.  Be A Scout and earn badges, a simple way of encouraging kids to learn, whether it’s about living healthy, exploring or technology, scouting teaches and builds confidence. 


So, what did my husband and her boyfriend find most enjoyable?  The adventures and camping of course!  In fact, the boyfriend is all ready planning on attending a camp this summer in New Mexico that will take him on a 100 mile hike!  WOW!  He will not only be in great shape, but will also be learning survival skills.  He is interested in going in to medicine as an adult and will even be getting his EMT certificate this Spring.  See how it all fits together?

Seriously, I highly recommend scouting to both parents and kids.  It is a great way to meet new friends and bond even more with old friends.  It teachers leadership and builds confidence.  I can’t think of any other type of activity that can do as much for our kids as scouting can. 

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