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31st December 2011


After months of not sewing, I’m finally feeling a sense of inspiration. Not at all sure where it came from, but in my fabric stash, I have several yards of Breast Cancer Awareness fabric and I’ve decided to make a lap quilt using those fabrics. I plan to donate the finished quilt to the high school softball team’s Pink Night where they do silent auctions to raise money for the Susan G Komen Foundation. I think the fact that I have a deadline ahead will keep me on track!

I pulled out the fabric yesterday and was laying in out to see what all I have. Of course, that’s when our baby decided she had to be a participant, plopped down and stuck under nose under all the fabric and fell asleep. The sound of me turning my camera on is the only reason she opened her eyes!


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25th December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Animations provided by

To all my friends, family and loyal blog viewers, I want to wish you all the very best for today and everyday. May the Lord be with you and comfort you when you are in need and may you find strength in his love.

Merry Christmas!

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24th December 2011

Great Season for Slim Fast

This post brought to you by Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am not good when it comes to any type of dieting.  I am fortunate that I’ve never been way over weight, but I know I could stand to lose a few pounds.  At this time of year it’s difficult to keep from adding pounds with all the great treats everyone is busy making.  Just the other day I was given a box of homemade chocolate pretzels.  It took all my will power to not down the entire box before I even got home!

To help me keep the excess pounds off so that I don’t look like a blimp in January, I try to eat healthy, low calorie meals that allow me to have a few extra calories worth of treats.  I think that’s why I really like the Slim-Fast 3•2•1 Plan, it pretty much allows me to follow my own plan without sacrificing taste, allowing me to feel satisfied, not hungry, throughout the day.

The Slim-Fast 3•2•1 is easy to follow and it’s flexible.  Each day I can have 3 snacks like fruit, veggies or even the Slim-Fast 100 calorie snack bar which is specifically designed to help curb those in between meal cravings for sweets.  Also, I can either drink 2 Slim-Fast shakes or eat 2 meal bars each day.  I like drinking the creamy milk chocolate shake for breakfast and the other one as a late lunch.  They keep me full while providing balanced nutrition until I cook dinner in the evening.  The shakes come in other flavors too including French vanilla, rich chocolate royale, cuppuccino delight, and strawberries n’ cream.


Finally, as part of the Slim-Fast  3•2•1 plan, I try to fix a balanced 500 calorie meal for dinner.  I’ve also learned that it helps to remember that half my dinner plate should be vegetables, 1/4 should be protein (meat) and the other 1/4 should be whole grains. 

I also like Slim-Fast because it’s available where I normally do my grocery shopping so I don’t have to make an extra trip to another store just to get it.  Heck, it’s even available at  If you can’t locate it, check the pharmacy section of your grocer and don’t forget to “like” them at

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23rd December 2011



That’s right, I’m almost done with my to do list and ready to sit back and simply enjoy the holiday.  I finished my shift this morning and am now sitting here organizing my grocery shopping list and coupons, getting ready to head out the door to get the supplies for Christmas day dinner.  It’s just the 3 of us, so we keep it pretty simple.  We enjoy a spiral sliced ham, some scalloped potatoes and a vegetable or two.  We never ate our asparagus at Thanksgiving, so I think I will try to buy more today, that would go nicely with ham.

I got a few gifts wrapped yesterday and need to go get some gift bags and/or shirt boxes in order to wrap the remaining gifts.  Found out through my daughter that my husband did actually buy me a gift (a rather expensive one at that) even though he said he agreed we wouldn’t exchange with each other this year.  So, I went out and got him something yesterday.  It’s not the gift I really truly want to give him, but I can’t afford that one right now, so went with a plan B, I just hope he’s not disappointed.  Anyway, it’s wrapped and ready to go under the tree.  We don’t put gifts under the tree until the night before Christmas, a tradition started when our daughter was born.

So, I’m off to the grocery, wish me luck and I am hoping it’s not too crazy and crowded!  :-)

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22nd December 2011


This post brought to you by PartyLite Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever attended or hosted a PartyLite party?  I think I’ve only been to one, and that was years ago.  Why haven’t I gone again?  I don’t know anyone who’s hosted a party!  I would certainly go if I did because I really do like their candles and home accessories.  I would probably host a party myself, but since moving here, I don’t really know that many people, so it would be a pretty tiny party!  I think I will just have to check out ordering from them online.


But, if you’re interested in hosting a party, it’s a great way to earn alot of free products.  Simply invite your friends and neighbors over, serve a light snack and something to drink and next thing you know, your decorating you could be decorating your home with products from the PartyLite Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes catalog.  Or, since the holidays are actually almost gone (can you believe it?!), you can now order from the new PartyLite Winter/Spring 2012 Catalog which just came out on December 16.

Be sure to visit and “Like” the PartyLite Facebook page so you’ll always know about special monthly offers for both hosts and guests.  We just missed entering the Simple Pleasures Holiday Sweepstakes that ended on 12/15, but I’m sure they’ll soon have something new and exciting happening at PartyLite!

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