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Spring is Planting Season

24th March 2012

Spring is Planting Season

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The weather has definitely changed and Spring has certainly arrived here in North Texas.  In fact, is was so nice out the other day that when I got off work I headed out into the front yard and planted  flowers along our front walk.  Now that’s something I hadn’t done in a couple of years!


While I haven’t actually planted anything in the last couple of years, one thing I vividly remembered was how terrible our soil is.  Seriously, it’s like someone laid down a layer of thick nasty clay and though plants & flowers should be able to grow in it.  Well, I can tell you for sure that nothing willingly grows in this ground!  So, while I was shopping for my flowers, I picked up a bag of Expand ‘n Gro™ planting mix.

EnG Product Shot.png

Expand ‘n Gro™ is a combination of Miracle-Gro® plant food and coconut coir fiber.  Coconut coir fiber comes from the husk of the coconut so it’s all natural and work wonders to improve the density of our thick clay soil, making it lighter and easier for plant roots to get the air & water they need for healthy growth.  Combine that with Miracle-Gro® plant food and it’s going to give me beautiful healthy flowers that will create a beautiful front walkway, an area that has been so boring because I can’t get anything to grow there!

The facts, Expand ‘n Gro™ will give you up to 3 times the amount of flowers or vegetables that you would get if just planting in your native soil.  It will keep the soil healthy for several years, not just one planting season.  The plant food will feed your plants for up to 6 months and the all natural fibers from the coconut will help retain up to 50% more water than a basic planting soil.  So, less watering, less feeding, and healthy soil now & in the future.  This could possibly be the best thing since the invention of the shovel!

Watch the video for more information and be sure to visit the Expand ‘n Gro™ website for a chance to receive a free sample. 

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